About me

About me

I have been a clinical psychologist for almost 15 years.  I mainly work with individuals, couples and teenagers or young adults. I am especially interested in working with severe depression, personality and anxiety disorders. Working with relationships and personal development is also a passion of mine.  My therapeutic style is very” Rogerian” as I pay lots of attention to the individual and our relationship.  It is imperative to me that a person who is hurting has a safe and comfortable environment for healing to take place. I always set clear goals to determine our therapeutic path and often use cognitive therapy to attain these goals. My primary focus in therapy is to provide options were a person might feel that there is no option available. I have received extra training in the field of trauma and disaster management, personal development and brief therapy or solution-focused therapy.  I am also training in the field of online therapy. Currently I am enrolled in a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. The main focus of my studies is Anger Management. My motto in life is “life is full of cacti, but we don’t have to sit on it”!

Practice No: 8645779

HPCSA Reg: PS 0064793

Education and Training:

B.A.  Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Cum Laude (1995)

B.A. (Honns), Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Cum Laude (1996)

M.A. (Clinical Psychology), Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Cum Laude (1998)

M.PHIL (Personal and Professional Leadership), Rand Afrikaans University (2003)

PhD, North West University (2016)

Academic Awards:

Merit Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (1995)

Academic Honorary Colours (1995-1998)

TRANSNET Award- Contribution towards community service


Health Professions Council of South Africa   (PS 0064793)

Board of Healthcare Funders                        (PR nr 864779)

Member of the Psychological Society of South Africa

Professional Appointments/Positions:

2007-current        Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice in Klerksdorp

2007-current        Lecturer at the School of Ekwilibria in Potchefstroom

2007-current        Affiliate with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)

2007-current        Affiliate with ICAS – leader in Employee Assistance, Wellness and Wellbeing Programmes (EWPs);

2010-current        Affiliate with the National Responsible Gambling Board (NRGP)

2010-current        Affiliate with Traumassit and Healthchoice

2010-current        Affiliate with The South African Local Government Association (SALGA)

1999-2007            Chief Psychologist in the South African National Defence Force (rank: Major)

1998                      Intern Clinical Psychologist at Witrand Psychiatric Hospital in Potchefstroom.

1998                      Intern Clinical Psychologist at Klerksdorp Hospital.

Work experience:

Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy (individual and groups)

Psychometric Evaluations

Crisis Intervention

Trauma Debriefing

Selections and Recruitment

Organizational Development

Teambuilding and Motivation

Psychosocial Education


Development, Presentation and Implementation of programmes

HIV/AIDS Education, Training and Counselling

Operational Deployment

Community Development

General Management Activities

Financial Management



Honors and Rewards:

Above average merits (1999-2007)

Certificate for outstanding services (2000)

Appreciation certificate (2000)

Officer Commanding Commendation Certificate (2002-2007)

Awarded best lecturer at the School of Ekwilibria (2010)

Involvement in radio and popular magazines (selected examples)

Radio Namakwaland Guest speaker

Vrouekeur (19 November 2010. p 12)

Lig (Junie, 2011. p 40)

Women’s Health (August 2011. p 96)

Beeld (Leefstyl, 3 November 2010. p 5)

Intiem (Augustus/September, 2011. p 58)

Other Psychological Training

1998 –    NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

2000-     HIV Educational Officer

2001-     Organisational Development

2003-     Personal and Professional leadership development and facilitation skills

2007-     Play Therapy

2007-     Filial Therapy

2007-     Sand and Art Therapy

2007-     Advance Play Therapy

2007-     Working with sexually abused children and children of divorce

2008; 2010-         Trauma and debriefing

2009-     Couples Therapy

2009-     Teddy Bear Therapy

2009-     Brief Solution Focused Therapy

2011-     Online Therapy

2016-     PhD in Clinical Psychology